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CAMP description:

Working hard on a song recently? Maybe you signed up for our Songwriting Camp and want to showoff your new composition. Music Videos are perfect for the aspiring artist to showcase their ability to perform. Students experience recording in a professional studio as well as working with a camera crew to create a gorgeous music video of your performance. Great for social media, YouTube, College Applications, Performance Reels etc.

Music Video / Recording Camp is open to LJMA students only and all students must sign up for at least 1 private lesson with the Director to confirm song choice, set up and practice expectations in order to be eligible to sign up. 


Private lessons can be purchased as single lesson or lesson packages of 4, 8, 12 or 16. To sign up for private lessons click HERE

Past Videos/ Recordings:

Watch previous music videos and recordings from LJMA students:

Johanna James - High Hopes - LJMA Music Video / Recording Camp
Johanna James - High Hopes - LJMA Music Video / Recording Camp
Play Video

Johanna James - High Hopes - LJMA Music Video / Recording Camp

Lauren Shay - Shallow - LJMA Music Video / Recording Camp
Play Video

Lauren Shay - Shallow - LJMA Music Video / Recording Camp

Cameron -  Mmmbop - Music Video / Recording Summer Camp
Play Video

Cameron - Mmmbop - Music Video / Recording Summer Camp

Recording Info:

  • Each student is allocated 1 hour per instrument they wish to record. For example, if students wish to sing to a backing track then just book 1 hour of studio time to record vocals.  If students wish to record vocals and piano, or vocals and guitar then they will need to book 2 hours of studio time. 

  • Students have two producer / studio locations to choose from:​

  • Option 2 - Tim Carmon, Burbank, ( 6th August ) (no acoustic piano)

  • Option 1 - Greg Johnson, Santa Monica, (16th July, 21st July, 12th August, 13th August) (acoustic piano)

  • Students MUST arrive to studio session warmed up, early and prepared to record. An hour is not very long if you arrive not having mastered the song.  Work with you teacher in class to make sure you are able to perform each instrument you wish to record flawlessly 3 times in a row before recording day. 

  • LJMA Director Laura Saggers will accompany you in the studio to ensure you get the very best out of your performance and recordings. 

Music Video Info:

  • Music Video shoot takes place on August 20th in El Segundo. 

  • Students will book a 1 hour time slot per performer and must arrive one hour early for make up and run through with desired outfit and hair ready.

  • Music video will be edited and delivered to students by Sept 15th.  

  • Vocalists will stand, pianists will sit and play at baby grand piano, guitarists have a choice to sit on a stool or stand and perform. 

Music Video Shoot includes:

  • Music Video Director - Ty Leisher

  • LJMA Director - Laura Saggers

  • Gaffer

  • DP

  • Make Up Artist

  • 2 Cameras

  • Treated room

  • Lighting

  • Venue with baby grand piano

  • Edited Video

Recording PRICING:

  • 1 hour studio time   $420

Music Video PRICING:

  • 1 hour Music Video  $820


Music Video / Recording Camp

+FREE Music Business Class included with every sign up of an LJMA Summer Camp


Parent/Guardian info: ( or Participant if 18+ years )

Availability is limited, it is first come, first serve. 

Recording Day Preference
Aug 6th Availability
Aug 12th Availability
Aug 13th Availability
Music Video Time Slot Preference (includes 1 hour for hair & make up)
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