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Class description:

Work with our resident songwriting teacher, Alyce, to learn about song structure, melody, lyrics and chord progressions to improve your songwriting ability.  Basic knowledge on piano, guitar, or ukulele is recommended to get the most out of these classes, but not required.  


Students will be given songwriting prompts and homework each week to complete and prepare for the following week. 


If you love our songwriting course and want to explore your talents further, we do offer a Summer Recording/Music Video Package! Each student records one song in a professional studio, after which a mixing engineer produces a high-quality final product. Then, students get the opportunity to work with a professional film crew to create their very own music video! This is a fabulous opportunity for students to not only hone in on their personal style and sound, but they also end up with an end-product fit for marketing, socials, or even college apps! 

Past Songs:

Listen to our past songwriting creations from LJMA students:

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