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Meet our Founder

Laura Saggers

Professional Singer/Songwriter/Pianist and Vocalist with over 20 years teaching and performing experience. Sponsored by Roland Keyboards, Grade 8 ABRSM qualified, Diploma in Vocal Performance and a Degree in Music Business. Headmistress in training. Lover of all things Harry Potter.

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"MUSIC IS MY CAREER, Teaching is My family"

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Hello all you wonderful snazzy music minions!


Laura here. Want to know how it all started?  Well my chaps, read on.


My parents first noticed my affinity for music at 5 years old after I memorized all the lyrics to the movie The Little Mermaid and annoyed everyone by singing it every. single .day.  I  begged for piano lessons and was lucky to receive them and never looked back. I LOVED practicing and performing. It was my safe space, my personal haven.  After completing my final grade 8 with ABRSM at the age of  17  (advanced national classical piano exams in England)  I was determined to pursue a career in music.  I started teaching piano when I was 18 while studying for my Music Business Degree at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford and grew my little business from 3 students to 25 in less than 6 months. I LOVED it.  I planned and booked recitals for them, designed motivational games, worked out my own system to teach and as they grew, so did I.   I loved watching them develop and thrive, it was my favorite part of the day.




During my time at college I fronted and managed the band Sennah, a heavy rock band with strong influences of Paramore and Evanescence. I learned a lot about managing, promotion and  performing and even managed to get our single, All I Needed, placed on the video game Juiced.  I secured internships at Road Runner Records (Nickleback), Lucid PR (Radio placement for music) and Creation Management (Oasis) during my time at college which allowed me to experience a range of different music industries but ultimately performing was where my heart was. 

After completion of my degree I took the leap and moved to California to pursue my artist career and was fortunate to get sponsored by Roland Keyboards and made a name for myself performing with the Lucina Keytar.

I was hired by multiple bands and headlined at Universal City Walk, the MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Hard Rock Cafe, Fashion Island Hotel, as well as supporting bands such as Blondie and Bow Wow Wow. 

During this time I started writing my debut album Chasing Dreams and working with producer Greg Johnson and was proud to hold the release party and show at the famous Hotel Cafe venue in 2016. I self released the album on all streaming platforms and released multiple music videos to help promote it with my wonderful Director buddy Ty Leisher. 

I was featured in the LA Times and Wall Street Journal for my song 10'000 Bitcoins as well as featured on Snapchat in their Under the Ghost artist series for my single Summer Fling.

This was such an amazing and fun time in my life.  I worked so hard learning how to perform, produce music videos, edit, write, release music and navigate the music industry and network. The hustle was STRONG but during all of this I never stopped teaching.


I opened up Laura Jean Music Academy in 2014 and realized that my ability to perform had increased so much since the days of my own piano lessons (where live performances were scarce)  that after 10 years of performing professionally I decided to switch gears and focus on building my music academy with live performance being the focus and forefront of the education offered. 

In 2019 I opened Squad Harmonix, the first year-round  all-kids a cappella training program for advanced singers with the idea to create a voice team for students to belong to and work towards that I felt was lacking for aspiring singers. They loved it and the program has resulted in our students getting booked to perform at some incredible venues: Carnegie Hall, Dorothy Chandler, Hallmark Channel, Westfield Mall Century City, HHLA Mall, local farmers markets, LA Zoo and many more. The training ensures students are charismatic, confident and professional as well as exceptional vocalists in harmony, beatboxing and solo singing. They know how to lead and handle a crowd. Their ability to perform is so much further than I was at their age and it is all down to the extensive live performance experiences they have been given alongside the high quality music education recieved. 

Where as music is my career, teaching is my home, my family. Children bring me so much joy and I treat and care for them like they are my own siblings. I love passing on all my knowledge that I have gained from the industry as well as supporting them and encouraging them to be the very best they can be. A good teacher is a role model and I take great pride with that responsibility. When you are loved and supported, you thrive.

I am proud of all the hard work my students put into their studies, of all their personal musical achievements as well as the people they have grown into that I have had the privilege to watch and help mentor.  My dream is to expand the academy and mentor high quality, passionate music teachers so that more students can experience what we offer. 

Work hard, hold yourself accountable and realize only YOU can achieve your dreams. 

"A good teacher is a role model and I take great pride with that responsibility"

"When you are loved and supported, you thrive"

Dreams are not handed to you.
You want something?

go out and MAKE it happen. 

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