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Piano lessons Los Angeles Santa Monica LJMA


Each lesson is custom designed to suit your individual needs. We understand that every student is different  and our teachers are trained to work out what makes YOU tick in the method that enables you to get the most out of your lesson. 
Whether you want to advance your education by preparing for exams, apply to perform in music festivals, build up your college application, audition for school roles,  increase your stage confidence or simply sit back and enjoy the journey of music we are here to help and have years of performances and teachingexperience to get where you want to go.
We set goals, schedules and keep you accountable for your progress.

Included in the high quality education at LJMA is the multitude of performances on offer.  Not only does this fast track every performer in skill and ability but also in confidence and determination. 



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Music school los angeles


One of the reasons we offer so many live performance opportunities per year is not only that it increases ability and confidence in performers but also encourages students to mingle with each other, make new friends and learn to support each other knowing that everyone is on their own personal journey.  This method not only encourages a loving supportive community but there are no egos which is amazing considered the quality and ability our students perform at. More advanced students learn to support those in beginner positions by leading by example and learning to be supportive while those starting out are able to learn quicker by being inspired by the possibilities they see in our more advanced students. It is a win win for everyone. 


Accountability is so incredibly important for children (and adults) to learn and we include this life lesson in all our classes.  We believe this is a huge reason as to why our students are so successful and happy in their studies.  . If you want something in life then YOU are in charge of achieving it. Not your parents. The world doesn't owe you anything. You owe yourself. We will give you all the tools and support to get you there but ultimately the dream is down to you.

We are your cheerleaders and every student is treated like family and instantly part of our community.  We believe in quality over quantity. When you are supported and loved, have been handed the tools to succeed, the mentality to be driven then you thrive.

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Squad Harmonix Kids Choir


LJMA isn't just music lessons.

Our teachers may be strict and hold their students to a high standard but they are also  extremely loving and supportive. They are passionate about not only the advancement of their students musical ability but the development of their students overall character as they navigate their way through life. Manners, accountability, kindness, positive thinking, leadership and confidence building are just a few characteristics that are encouraged within the classroom. With the majority of students studying with  LJMA for over 6 years, our teachers become role models, confidants and close family friends to our students and families which allows us the privilege to help mold them into exceptional humans.


It takes a village to raise a child. 

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