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Live performance is at the heart of LJMA and we believe strongly that quality education in the classroom can only take you so far. The real education comes from the stage. Our students are offered more than 35 live performance opportunities per year where they learn to handle the audience, make them laugh, create a story, and build emotion in their performances all while perfecting their performance. Performing may seem daunting for the new performer, but the more you do, the easier it becomes, which is why we offer so many.  This is incredible for character building and even the shyest of students find their voice. 


Performance opportunities are offered to students based on their current ability level. The more advanced you become the more professional the setting until eventually, you are performing like a real artist.

Black tie

Laura Jean Music Academy Black Tie Recital

Our wonderfully elegant, end-of-semester showcase characterized by polished final performances, high production value, and of course, a black tie dress code. This show allows each student to display their most impressive pieces in a professional setting for friends and family alike to enjoy! 



Our monthly senior living home performances provide our students with a low-stress environment to practice the ins and outs of performing, while showing them the importance of giving back to their community.

Teen Open-mic NIGHTs

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Our Open Mic Nights are full of acoustic performances in a charming and sophisticated ambiance. Not only can LJMA students show off their skills, but they're welcome to bring their outside friends as well! We invite any and all teens to apply for a slot.  Shows happen monthly during the spring and fall semester and weekly during the summer. 

Farmer's Markets

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Our monthly Farmer's Market shows are a great opportunity for Squad Harmonix to try out their harmonies, solos, and dance moves for the people of Santa Monica! 

Disney's California Adventure


Squad Harmonix's annual performance at Disney's California Adventure comes as a delightfully exciting bookend to our Voice Intensive Performance Summer Camp. Complete with harmonies, solos, choreography, and spiffy costumes, this performance is always a hit! 


Simone Furst Carnegie Hall Squad Harmonix Laura Jean Music Academy

Squad Harmonix's spring trip to New York City culminates in a sophisticated performance at Carnegie Hall. Arranged and put on by big names in the a cappella community, this show boasts several solo and group feature opportunities for our students. 

Scotland's Fringe Festival


Squad Harmonix's summer trip to The Fringe Festival in Scotland is a whirlwind of not only performance but arranging, musical direction, marketing, and 

Holiday Shows
HAPPY SQUalidays

Squad Harmonix Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Perform a full a cappella holiday show with costumes and choreography at various venues all over Los Angeles. Past venues include Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Westfield Mall, LA Zoo and many more.  

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