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Live performance is at the heart of LJMA and we believe strongly that quality education in the classroom can only take you so far. The real education comes from the stage. Live performance increases self esteem, confidence and gives students a goal to aim for in their studies. They learn to handle the audience, make them laugh, create a story and build emotion in their performances. Performing may seem daunting for the new performer but the more you do the easier it becomes which is why we offer so many.  This is incredible for character building and even the shyest of students find their voice. 

Performance opportunities are offered to students based on their current ability level. The more advanced you become the more professional the setting until eventually you are performing like a real artist.

Performances are offered to all students taking private lessons in Voice, Piano and GuitaR/Ukulele
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Black Tie recitals

Black Tie recitals are offered twice a year during our Spring and Fall Semester. These are grand performances on the big stage where students dress up in full black-tie attire and present one - two solo pieces to friends and family. There is an intermission for food and drinks and a red carpet opportunity to finish.  There are strict requirements for students to have their pieces perfected before being allowed to participate to ensure a high quality performance for all. 


All ages and abilities welcome, pieces must be flawless. 


1 x semester (fall and spring)

Expected Attire:

Glamorous - ritzy glitzy Darhhhhhling. (parents encouraged to dress up too)


  • Option 1 - glamorous dresses, glitter, sequins, gowns, floor length, knee length. any outfit that isn't too revealing or casual. 

  • Option 2: Full suit with button down collared shirt (no polo shirts), tie, blazer, bowtie, dress shoes. NO T-SHIRTS or sneakers. 

Style of piece preferred: ​


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Retirement Home 

Retirement Home Shows are one of the ways we love to give back to our community. Students prepare 1-2 performance pieces and ​perform them for local retirement homes.  We love these performances as the residents are always so welcoming and excited to hear us. The environment is very relaxed yet respectful. It is a wonderful place for students to try out new pieces without too much pressure and for newer students to get their feet wet with performing. All students are expected to go round and introduce themselves to the residents after the performance, make them feel appreciated and thank them for listening. 


All ages and abilities welcome, pieces must be flawless. 


2-3 times per semester (fall and spring)

Expected attire:     

Smart casual.


Students may dress how they like but please keep in mind we are performing for an elderly audience. Be keep outfits respectful, no crop tops, mini skirts, anything too revealing. The classier the better. 

Style of piece preferred

Any piece is welcomed but this audience do particularly enjoy classical, instrumental and 'rat pack' genre songs.

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Farmers Market 

frmrs mrkt.jpg

Farmers Market shows are a BIG step up for our intermediate/advanced students. Suddenly students are no longer performing in a supportive loving environment surrounded by lovely elderly residents or friends and family in a private setting. The Farmers Market is a REAL live audience. Students learn quickly that in order to keep an audience captivated they must be entertaining. Students get used to the public walking past, not paying attention and ignoring them and that is EXCELLENT training for a musician. There are seats for those that want to stay and watch but to really grab the audience's attention students learn to banter, introduce their pieces with interesting facts to entice the listener to stay and students learn quickly that not everyone is interested in listening to them and that's OK. It is a true setting for the growing artist. 



Intermediate/Advanced performers only. Recommended - at least 3 years performing experience to qualify. Students must be super confident on stage and comfortable infront of a public crowd. 


2-3 times per semester (fall and spring)

Expected attire:     

Dress as the artist you wish to be - still respectful but you can now dress the way YOU want to.

Style of piece preferred:

Upbeat and entertaining, no ballads, slow or sad pieces (as requested by the Farmers Market)

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Under 21's Open Mic Nights



Advanced students under 21 who have 5-15 mins of material. 


Dates coming soon. 

Expected attire:     

Dress as the artist you ARE.

Style of piece preferred:

Whatever you want, originals are encouraged. 

Entry Tickets:

Tickets are $10 and all guests must show a valid student ID card to enter. 

Accepted instruments:

  • Keyboard (provided) 

  • Acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, violin, any small string instrument

  • Vocalists - up to three singers

  • Small percussion such as Cajon, Bongos etc.  No full drum kit permitted. 

  • Please note. Only 5 microphones will be provided. This is to mic any vocalists and acoustic instruments. Bear this in mind when planing your performance.


Our under 21's open mic nights are our way of introducing our advanced students to other like-minded musicians and also providing a platform for them to showcase their own songs or covers. Music industry talent scouts will be invited to attend. These performances are intended for students wishing to enter the music industry as a solo artist or group to showcase their songs and skills.

How does it work?

  • Students will apply for a performance spot at our open mic nights in advance where they get the chance to showcase up to 15 mins of music.

  • Performances must include at a vocalist and an acoustic instrument no backing tracks permitted.

  • Full keyboard is supplied as are microphones for up to three singers. 

  • This is open to all students under 21 in Los Angeles, not just LJMA students.

  • The aim of this is to provide a networking and a social environment in a safe atmosphere for under 21's to be inspired and supported by other teens.

  • Backing tracks are not prohibited. If solo singers who are unable to play an instrument wish to perform they must find someone to accompany them. 

  • For new performers who have yet to perform at any LJMA open mic nights , you will be required to send a video audition of one song showing the quality of your intended performance. Once accepted you will be eligible to reapply for future performances. 

  • There will be a hired professional bouncer at the door checking student IDs.  All attendees will be patted down and bags checked for weapons, alcohol and narcotics, all of which are absolutely prohibited. We take student safety EXTREMELY seriously.  Any students attempting to bring any prohibited item into the venue will be barred for life and will be reported to the police.

  • This is an under 21's student only event. LJMA personnel and Music Industry Talent Scouts approved by the LJMA Director will be permitted as well as one adult per performer that must be named on the application form. No other adults will be permitted

  • Performers will pay $50 to cover costs of running the show, staff and bouncer but will be given 5 complimentary entry tickets for friends worth $10 each. This is standard practice when starting out as a musician. Most venues operate on a 'pay to play' mentality. If you don't have friends or fans to support you at shows then you will have to pay to perform until you become more established. This is normal.  The quicker you start building a fanbase the easier it will be to get bigger shows in the future.

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