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Black tie recital

Black Tie recitals are offered twice a year, during our Spring and Fall Semesters. These are grand performances on a big stage where students dress up in full black-tie attire and present one or two solo pieces to friends and family. There is an intermission for food and drinks, and a red carpet opportunity to finish.  There are strict requirements for students to have their pieces perfected before being allowed to participate to ensure a high-quality performance for all. All pieces must be approved by an LJMA teacher.


LJMA Private Students with pieces pre-approved by an LJMA Teacher.


Group 1: 13 and under

Group 2: 13 and above



1 per semester (Fall and Spring)


Expected Attire:

Glamorous - ritzy glitzy. (parents are encouraged to dress up too)


  • Option 1 Glamorous dresses, glitter, sequins, gowns, floor length, knee length. any outfit that isn't too revealing or casual. 


  • Option 2:  Full suit with button-down collared shirt (no polo shirts), tie, blazer, bowtie, dress shoes. NO T-SHIRTS or sneakers. 


Style of piece preferred:


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