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Class description:

Guitar Ensemble Class is designed to bring guitar players together in a group format to learn songs with the purpose of being able to play together in a final performance.  It is a social class that will require some light homework each week as students will be expected to learn what was assigned in class and arrive the following week ready to move on.  Although there are no age restrictions, the class is split up into three groups: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced with minimum requirements for each level.  This is to ensure that all levels of guitarists can join and still feel challenged with the work and enjoy practicing and playing in a group setting.  If young students sign up and are disruptive or are unable to keep up you will be removed from the group and your payment will be changed to private lesson credit. 


Beginner and Intermediate students will study under professional singer-songwriter duo, Petty Chavez (Simon Petty and Celia Chavez), and those who are placed into the advanced level will study with LJMA resident guitar teacher, Alyce. The value of this class lies in team-building and solidarity. With other like-minded musicians alongside you, it is not only about learning how to sound cohesive as a group, but drawing motivation to work on your individual skills, and making new friends along the way! We encourage everyone to be supportive, knowing that each player is at a different point in their development as a musician. No egos, just high-quality education in a friendly and supportive environment. Classes are limited to no more than 8-12 people (with a minimum of 6) to maximize individualized attention and growth.  Classes are split by skill level. 


Students will be emailed song charts, recordings, and practice homework in advance each week to complete and prepare for the upcoming lesson. This is all in preparation for our friends and family singalong show, at which students have the opportunity to perform their class repertoire in front of teachers, peers, and invited guests.  

This is a short session as we test the program out at our academy but we are excited to get started and believe it to be a fantastic addition to our program.









Saturdays: July 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

90 mins


$240 (includes optional performance)

All ages are welcome but this class is aimed at adults. We do not discriminate or hold anyone back if they are at a young age and providing they can handle the ability expectations listed in the minimum requirements.  Everyone must meet the minimum requirements for the level they choose to participate in, be able to focus in class, not be distracting to others, and be a supportive team player.  


This optional performance opportunity is a wonderful way to showcase the songs we have all learned together during this four-week class. Invite friends and family to support you as we hand out lyric sheets and have a blast playing along to our favorite guitar classics. Perform on our academy stage in a relaxed atmosphere with refreshments and snacks that will be available to all. 








Sunday, July 28th

10:30 AM

11:15 AM


11.30 AM - 12:30 PM


PERFORMERS: Included in sign up



All Students:

  • Own and bring an instrument that is capable of staying in tune for the duration of the class. (no plastic guitars or ukuleles)

  • Own a guitar pick

  • Know how and be able to tune your guitar

  • Bring a music stand ( we have a few but not enough for everyone)

Beginner Level:

  • Be able to play the following caged chords and be able to change chords confidently and in time (with a metronome)

    • Majors: C, A, G, E, D,

    • Minors: Em, Am, Dm ​

Intermediate Level:

  • All Beginner requirements as well as...

  • Be able to play all major/minor barre chords and power chords

  • Knowledge of notes up and down the fretboard on the E and A strings

  • Be able to play the pentatonic scale

  • Be comfortable with more complex strumming patterns and be able to handle simple riffs

  • Knowledge of finger-picking technique 

Advanced Level:

  • All Beginner and Intermediate requirements as well as...

  • Be familiar with the 12-bar blues form

  • Be able to play major and minor scales with a metronome at 120 (2 notes per beat)

  • Have significant experience playing in a group setting as a lead guitarist

  • Comfortable playing lead/melody lines with a metronome

  • Comfortable improvising solos

  • Comfortable with advanced finger-picking patterns

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