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Our Director started teaching at age 18 while studying Music Business in college and had over 30 private students within 3 months. She has always believed that the reason she got so many students so quickly was because younger students felt relaxed learning from someone closer to their age. They looked up at her and felt they could achieve what she did as she wasn't that much older than many of them. She treated them like little siblings and a strong bond was born.  This older sibling mentality has continued with our Teacher in Training program at LJMA and has proven to be an incredible addition to our academy. 


Advanced teens aged 16-19 years old may apply to train under our Director learning how to set homework, bond with a student, hold students accountable while still making the lessons fun, which pieces to set, and how to prepare them for exams and auditions. They learn the ins and outs of maintaining a job and have something meaningful to add to their college application to complement their music studies. After a few months of training, they take on students of their own while continuing to train under our Director. If they continue to study their subject at college they can continue teaching at LJMA and will be moved up to the 'Junior Teacher level'


This setup allows us to charge cheaper rates to families for these lessons allowing students who are either very young or unsure whether they want to study the subject to test out the lessons and see if it is a good fit for them.  It also helps our young teachers to gain valuable experience working with kids and to help them understand the value of being an organized role model.

It's a win-win for everyone!

Most Teachers in Training are students who have studied at LJMA for over 10 years and are considered to be at Advanced level in their instrument however we are always interested in welcoming new teachers to the family. To apply to be a Teacher-In-Training please email and request the requirements for the subject you wish to teach. 

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Teacher in Training , Noah with his classical piano student, Hilo who is currently studying for her Grade 3 ABRSM Piano exam

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