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guitar lessons


Guitar lessons at LJMA cover a wide range of genres, techniques, and concepts. Whether the student's goal is to master lead guitar, explore improvisation, or accompany themselves (as LJMA's specialty is artist development), the ultimate aim is to make each student a more well-rounded artist. A comprehensive curriculum fitted with scales, chords, warm-ups, and a diverse repertoire is our recipe for fostering creativity and setting up each student on a path to success in their musical endeavors!


  • Chords and strumming patterns

    • The first thing most guitarists learn is how to play open chords, as they tend to be the building blocks of songwriting and rhythm guitar. Combined with some key strumming patterns, knowing these chords opens up a world of possibilities for a beginner guitarist!

  • Reading

    • Learning how guitar notation differs from traditional notation, and why. ​

  • Scales

    • ​​Various shapes and modes of scales act as an intro to the lead guitar. They provide practice in dexterity, fine motor skills, and theory.

  • Techniques

    • Finger-picking, Slides, Bends, Hammer-ons, and pull-offs are just a sampling of techniques we explore in our study of how to replicate the sounds of the songs we love. 

  • Improvisation

    • For the more advanced students, taking scales and using them to improvise a guitar solo is another way to encourage creativity and, in this case, quick-thinking.

  • Application

    • After accumulating a significant skill set, students learn to utilize it to the greatest effect. We talk about feel, dynamics, songwriting, and on a larger scale, the methodology of creating emotional gravity. We also get into how playing guitar may interact with each individual's other skills, such as singing, songwriting, or production.



Once students have reached a confident level in their ability, we provide counsel for auditions, competitions, performances, and scholarship opportunities! They are also eligible to apply for our advanced songwriting classes and are encouraged to participate in our teen open mic nights. 

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