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Farmers Market

Farmers Market shows are a BIG step up for our intermediate/advanced students. The Farmers Market is a REAL live audience. Students learn quickly that in order to keep an audience captivated they must be entertaining. Students get used to the public walking past, not paying attention and ignoring them and that is EXCELLENT training for a musician.  These performances are included with Junior, Senior, and Varsity Squad signups and are used as part of their training program. Performances are recorded and analyzed in class the following week to help students manage what the group needs to work on to perfect their set.



Junior, Senior, and Varsity Squads, Private Students



Monthly during the spring and fall semesters for Junior/Senior/Varsity  Squad Members and 1 x semester for Private Students.


Expected attire:     

Squad: Casual Attire: Squad T-shirt or Squoody, black pants or blue/black jeans

Private Students: LJMA Black Performance T-shirt, jeans/black pants.

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