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Pre-Professional After-School Music Academy.
Offering the highest quality of personalized music education for dedicated musicians specializing in live performance. 
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OFFERING More Live Shows per year than any other After-school Music academy in Los Angeles


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Parent Testimonials Laura Jean Music Academy

Jen and Dino, Parents of Easton

"I cannot speak highly enough of this music academy. From the moment we enrolled our child in LJMA, we knew we had made the right choice. The level of professionalism and dedication to music education was evident from the start"

LJMA Family for 7 Years 

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LJMA Teen Songwriting Music Retreat California


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Offering more than 35 live shows per year.








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Noah Korngute ABRSM Grade 5 Distinction Award Piano Music Laura Jean Music academy


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Experience the harmonious blend of education and entertainment at Laura Jean Music Academy's premier music summer camps in Los Angeles, California. Aspiring pre-professional musicians specializing in live performance can embark on a transformative musical journey like no other.


Our music summer camps cater to a diverse range of musical talents, offering intensive training in vocals, instrumental mastery, stage presence, and ensemble performance. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, our academy provides an inspiring coastal backdrop for students to hone their craft.


At Laura Jean Music Academy, we understand that the summer is the perfect time to cultivate one's musical talents. Our camps are meticulously designed to offer a balanced blend of structured learning and creative exploration. Students can expect top-notch instruction from experienced music educators, providing them with invaluable insights and guidance.


Whether you're an aspiring rock star, jazz virtuoso, or classical prodigy, our music summer camps have you covered. We emphasize the importance of live performance, enabling students to showcase their skills in front of enthusiastic audiences.


Join us this summer to immerse yourself in the world of music, create lasting memories, and take your musical prowess to the next level. Laura Jean Music Academy is your gateway to a melodious future, right here in Los Angeles, California. Don't miss the chance to be part of this unforgettable musical experience!


We offer an extraordinary opportunity for young, aspiring musicians to embark on a journey of vocal excellence through their specialized kids' choir lessons. Designed for pre-professional musicians with a passion for live performance, these lessons are a stepping stone to musical mastery.


Our kids' choir program at Laura Jean Music Academy focuses on nurturing the unique talents of each child while fostering teamwork and a love for music. Led by experienced instructors, the program provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes vocal training, music theory, and stage performance techniques.


Children in Los Angeles can explore their vocal potential in a supportive and creative environment that encourages self-expression and confidence-building. Whether your child dreams of becoming a soloist, part of a vocal ensemble, or simply wants to develop a lifelong appreciation for music, our choir lessons cater to all aspirations and skill levels.


At Laura Jean Music Academy, we understand the importance of live performance in a musician's journey. Our students have the opportunity to showcase their talents in various local events and recitals, gaining invaluable experience and exposure. Join us today, and let your child's musical talents shine bright in the heart of Los Angeles with our exceptional kids' choir lessons.

Give your kids (or yourself) the vocal skills they’ve always wanted with our voice lessons Los Angeles! Whether your kids are just starting out, or have been singing all  their young lives, they can learn techniques to improve all areas of voice and performance. Our singing lessons Los Angeles can teach you and your kids how to increase your range and have more power, confidence, control, and improved tone. 





Hiring a vocal coach Los Angeles will give you the keys to unlock your natural voice talent, no matter where you are vocally. You might be a complete beginner with the desire to sing in tune, or an advanced singer preparing for live performances or studio recordings. Our vocal lessons Los Angeles provide students with specific techniques and expertise to support you each and every step of the way and help you to achieve your musical goals. We have found that anyone of any age can learn to sing well and enjoy their voice. We will give you the tool and support and it is down to you to put in the time. Music is such a massive part of modern-day culture, and most people would benefit from building confidence with their voice for personal enjoyment or for use in social environments.


Our highly trained educators and staff go the distance to help you you meet your objectives. Whether your particular interest is in music theory, singing, guitar, piano lessons Los Angeles, music, harmony work or ensemble groups, performance, recording, or songwriting development. Vocal training, voice exercises, and vocal health tips (including how to prevent vocal damage or nodes) will develop confidence and presence, traits which are of prime importance in every aspect of your life.


Vocal, physical, and emotional health is important for a well-balanced performer. Our voice lessons near me have experience in all types of vocal coaching - from beginning to advanced, adult singing lessons, to kids singing lessons. With the help of our Los Angeles voice lessons, you can develop a personal pathway from where you are to where you want to go with your voice. 


Our vocal coach near me offer group and private classes that are fun and help build confidence in an encouraging environment. At LJMA, we run internal and external opportunities and performance classes to help students prepare for any event. That’s the thing about music lessons near me in Los Angeles - once you get started you'll wish you had done it years ago! We can help you achieve your singing goals whilst having lots of fun!


We have taught all levels of students with music lessons in Los Angeles, and can help train your voice! You may be a total beginner starting from square one, wanting to sing in tune, or an advanced singer preparing for live performances or studio recordings.  We provide you (or your kids!) with singing techniques and expertise to support you every step of the way. All of our music and vocal teachers promote a healthy culture of encouragement and professionalism. They believe vocal technique is equally as important as building confidence, experience, and strong knowledge and belief in your own ability. We help you thoroughly understand your voice and through the application of our techniques and coaching, we know you can improve your voice whether for a hobby, singing exams, karaoke, other social situations, public performance, or the professional arena.


Whether you have an interest in singing, performance, a cappella, recording or songwriting, call LJMA for high quality personalized lessons today!


Songwriting is a specialty of Laura Jean Music Academy, and we are serious about that. We are passionate about helping students develop their own unique voice as a songwriter. While it’s true that songwriting can often be an elusive art, there are definite steps that can help you develop your craft, which is exactly what we teach!


As songwriting can be a vastly different process from one person to another, we approach our lessons to be as responsive to the aims and aspects that kids would like to improve. At LJMA, our main goal in our Los Angeles songwriting lessons is to remove the mystery while keeping the magic intact.


Taking songwriting classes in Los Angeles at LJMA, you can take advantage of our many performance events throughout the year. Students can perform in front of real audiences if they would like to improve performance skills. This is often an incredibly invaluable part of the process; discussion and feedback with the students’ teacher during lessons after performances can be critical to musical development.


Our Los Angeles songwriting lessons can completely change the course of your own creative practice, in a way that group lessons often fail to do. Our goal is to be the leading location to learn songwriting in Los Angeles.

MUSIC THEORY and sight Reading

At Laura Jean Music Academy, we believe teaching music theory in Los Angeles is a greatly beneficial artistic experience comparable to performance and even composition. The way in which teachers adapt their curriculum to diverse learners is the key to success in this discipline, and our music theory classes in Los Angeles do exactly that!


We hold a strong conviction that Music Theory is to music as grammar is to language. In spite of the fact that music learning can definitely happen without a specific Music Theory preparation, the more that students understand the theory that resides behind all those notes, which are the rules of harmony or what makes a good melody line, the more confident and controlled students will feel about making music.  Many students are studying for their grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory Exam as well as studying for their AP Music qualification.




Unlock the world of musical excellence with piano lessons in Los Angeles, California, offered by our prestigious music academy. Designed for pre-professional musicians specializing in live performance, our piano program is a gateway to artistic brilliance.


At our academy, we understand the importance of nurturing aspiring pianists, and our instructors are seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience to each lesson. Whether you're a budding virtuoso or refining your technique for the stage, our tailored curriculum ensures you reach your full potential.


Located in the heart of Los Angeles, our state-of-the-art facilities provide an inspiring backdrop for your musical journey. We offer comprehensive training in classical, jazz, and contemporary piano styles, allowing students to explore their unique musical identities. Our lessons encompass theory, composition, and performance, preparing you for the demands of a live audience.


Furthermore, our commitment to fostering community and collaboration among students creates an enriching learning environment. Regular recitals and ensemble opportunities help students gain confidence and experience in live performance.


Embark on your path to becoming a professional pianist in Los Angeles, California. Join us at our music academy and discover the keys to musical excellence through our exceptional piano lessons. Elevate your artistry, connect with like-minded musicians, and prepare for a future filled with captivating live performances.

Los Angeles, California, is renowned for its vibrant music scene, and aspiring pre-professional musicians seeking to specialize in live performance find a perfect haven at our esteemed music academy. Our guitar lessons in Los Angeles offer a unique blend of world-class instruction and creative exploration that caters specifically to the needs of budding live performers.


Our guitar instructors are accomplished musicians themselves, with a deep passion for live performance. They bring a wealth of experience from performing on renowned stages and touring with famous artists. With a curriculum tailored to live performance, students receive comprehensive training in techniques, stage presence, improvisation, and collaboration.


The Los Angeles location enhances the learning experience by providing a dynamic environment where students can draw inspiration from the city's rich cultural heritage. Whether it's honing their skills in rock, blues, jazz, or classical genres, our guitar lessons cover it all, fostering well-rounded musicians.


Furthermore, our academy hosts regular live showcases and jam sessions, allowing students to put their skills into practice in front of live audiences. These experiences build confidence, stage presence, and invaluable connections in the local music scene.


In Los Angeles, California, our music academy is the ultimate destination for pre-professional musicians aspiring to excel in live performance. Join us to embark on a musical journey that nurtures your talent, refines your skills, and sets you on the path to becoming a stage sensation.





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