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It is not guaranteed that a Golden Ticket will be rewarded at every open mic night. Performers must understand that to perform at the industry showcase it is an honor and those invited will be those that we feel are truly ready to present their work and artist self to industry professionals.





  • Original melodies

  • Creative melodies

  • Melodies that are catchy and easy to remember.



  • Original, meaningful lyrics

  • Creative lyrics

  • Good storytelling

  • Catchy, easy to remember.

  • Well organized and clear rhyming scheme


Song Structure

  • Clear song structure between sections (Verse Chorus, Bridge, Outro etc)

  • Repeated chorus (highly encouraged, not required)



  • Could this song be played on the radio?

  • Under or around 3 mins

  • Is there a catchy chorus or verse that could be used on social media easily (sadly this is a huge aspect in what is required these days)

  • Do the melody and or lyrics appeal to a wide audience

  • Are the lyrics relatable, not too specific so it alienates a large proportion of listeners

  • Could the song be heard on TV or film as background to a commercial, scene or theme



  • Well-played accompaniment (can be either self-accompanied or by someone else but it should be a strong performance - no stops and starts, corrected notes, clear tempo, and dynamics. It doesn’t need to be complicated or impressive, enough to keep the song flowing is fine but the performance aspect should be solid and professional. 





  • Confidence, not arrogance - be proud of your song and your creation, can you command the stage with ease, can you make us laugh, engage us, and open up to show us the artist that you are, not just present a song.

  • Engage the audience -are you entertaining in your intro and persona, do you explain what the song is about, how you wrote it, and what inspired you? We need to know you as an artist and get a feel for who you are in your intro and performance. 

  • Good stage presence


  • Dress as the artist you are. Make an effort. 

Social Media

  • Sadly Social media is now a huge aspect of being an artist and many labels and management companies will not take you on without a decent active following. If you have a specific social media account that is specific to your music then make sure to announce that so people can follow you.


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