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Click here for information about our different squads, commitment requirements, program info, rehearsal dates, etc. 

How to Audition

For new students wanting to audition for Pop, Junior, or Senior Squad, you will need to book an in-person audition with our Director at our academy. Please see below for audition requirements and what to prepare. Auditions are charged at $25 to cover admin costs and last roughly 15 minutes. If you are accepted into Squad Harmonix the fee is applied towards your sign-up. 

Varsity Squad members are by invitation only and you must have completed a full semester of Senior Squad to be eligible. 

Audition Instructions

Pop Squad

  • Vocalists:


      • Please prepare a verse and chorus of your favorite pop song, ideally one minute in length (no musical theater or classical songs)

      • The song must be performed a cappella (no backing tracks or piano)

      • You will be tested on pitch recognition, range, call and response, and major scales.


  •  Beatboxers​


      • Prepare a 30-second example of you beatboxing along to any pop song of your choice. Ideally, show us a range of sounds that you can use when Beatboxing. Keeping tempo is key.​
      • You will also be asked to clap the beat of a random song (in 4/4 or 3/4 time) emphasizing the first beat of every measure. 


Junior and Senior Squad

  • Vocalists and Beatboxers

    • SOLO AUDITION - See instructions for POP SQUAD 

  • Vocalists only

    • HARMONY AUDITION - You will also be required to prepare and sing a harmony audition. Please click HERE for audition materials. 

  • Beatboxers only

    • TEMPO AUDITION - You will also be required to prepare a tempo audition. Please click HERE for audition materials. 

Audition Form

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Thanks for submitting!

We are so excited to meet you! Please allow us a few days to get back to you regarding availability for an in-person audition. 

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